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Student Organizations at IJͼ


IJͼ is home to more than 150 student organizations, meaning you have 150 + opportunities to find other Trojans who share your interests and passions.

Our globally connected campus offers professional connections, personal relationships and endless possibilities for growth and development in many areas.  


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Alpha Gamma Delta sisters on bid day 2019

Greek Life

IJͼ is home to 22 fraternity and sorority chapters who serve to enhance the college experience by providing a balance of academics, community service, leadership, and social events. Academic success is the core of Greek life on our campus where the average Greek GPA is 3.01 compared to the all-student average GPA of 2.88.


Student Government Association

IJͼ's Student Government Association represents the TROY student body within the university administration and the community. SGA advocates the interests of TROY students and works to better the student experience through community events and opportunities.

2020-2021 UAC Executives

University Activities Council

The UAC cultivates the social skills of the university community and strives to improve upon the personal standard of ethics and values while providing opportunities that enhance the sense of the university.

FF GP 2023

 Freshman Forum

Freshman Forum is comprised of a select group of students who represent and serve the Freshman class. As a Freshman Forum delegate, a student gains leadership experience by promoting Trojan pride and serving in the Troy community.                                                                      

Departmental Organizations

Departmental and Professional

An important part of the Trojan experience happens outside of the classroom, and Troy University has no shortage of opportunities. Participate in your department by joining an organization that promotes the interests and ideas of your career goals.

Service Organizations


Trojans have a proud tradition of serving others. Students have the opportunity to give back to the community and serve others while making lasting friendships and connections with dozens of service organizations to choose from.

Religious Organizations


As shown in the IJͼ motto, we encourage students to educate the heart to feel by joining organizations that encourage their spirits. Members of our religious organizations participate in small group studies, retreats, worship services and mission trips around the world.  

Political Organizations


Many governmental leaders trace their political careers back to their involvement in political organizations while in college. If you have a desire to better your community and are passionate about your political views these organizations will be a great fit for you.

Performing Organizations


Troy students have many opportunities to develop their talents and skills. If you love consider joining one of our choirs, orchestras, dance ensembles and theater groups.  Most of these activities are through academic classes.   

Special Interest

Special Interest

Outside of the classroom, it is important to stay relaxed and have fun to get the full Trojan experience. Special interest organizations such as the Board Game Alliance and The Swing Dance Club promote quality time with friends and the chance to meet other students with the same interests.

Honor Societies

Honor Societies

Academic success is achieved by working hard and setting new standards of excellence. From Alpha Lambda Delta to Phi Kappa Phi, IJͼ offers a variety of honor society opportunities to celebrate student success. Check your student email for applications, requirements and fee obligations.

Our Staff

About Our Office

The staff of the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership is dedicated to helping students get involved beyond the classroom and residence life.  We encourage students to take advantage of the countless opportunities to pursue new interests as they advance their skill sets and expand their network while building lifelong friendships. 



How do I get involved?

Interested in getting started? Our Office of Student Involvement is committed to helping you make the right connections. Remember, any moment spent as part of a student organization is an opportunity for tremendous personal and professional growth. Reach out to any organization in the above categories to find out how you can get involved today!



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