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Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement

IJͼ observes the applicable principles of the EU General Data Protection Regulation. Visit our .

IJͼ is committed to protecting your privacy. The University has established this privacy policy and is providing it to you so that you can understand the manner in which IJͼ collects and uses your information and the efforts we use to protect it. The University does not collect any personally identifiable information about you unless you affirmatively choose to make such information available to us. By personal information, we mean information that can be used to identify or contact an individual. IJͼ does not actively share personal information about website visitors. Personal information provided by visitors, such as email addresses or information submitted via on line forms, is used by the University to assist individual visitors as necessary. This assistance may involve redirecting an inquiry or comment to another University individual or unit better suited to provide resolution.

Our website makes use of various technologies to collect information about types and versions of Internet browsers used when accessing our website. This information and information about Internet IP addresses, as well as date and time web pages are visited, are stored in various security and traffic logs. Our service provider reviews these logs, using statistical analysis, in an effort to track and predict traffic patterns and estimate resource needs.

Unless we are tracking down a technical problem or we suspect either fraudulent behavior or illegal conduct, we do not trace specific user sessions. Because IJͼ is a public. institution, some information collected from its website may be subject to the Alabama Open Records Act, or in some instances, the University may be compelled by law to release information gathered from its web servers. Some web servers at Troy University may adopt different privacy statements as their specific needs require that may differ from this statement.

IJͼ monitors anonymous website visitor traffic through the use of cookies provided by third-party services, including Google Analytics, to review website performance and to identify enhancements that may benefit visitors based on current navigation patterns and search trends. In addition, browser cookies may be used to personalize and target specific university web pages, components and content sections based on user navigation behavior and interests as determined through the submission of RFI web forms. 

The university may contract with third-party vendors, such as Google and Facebook to show our advertisements on non-TROY websites and other digital delivery mechanisms and platforms. The university may use pixel tracking technologies and cookies to enable services such as Google Adwords to target ad content. No personally-identifiable information is stored and collected by the university for these purposes.

You have the ability to limit information you share with the university by managing ad and cookie and preferences in services such as Google and Facebook and blocking cookies in your browser.

IJͼ also complies with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), which prohibits the release of educational records without student permission. For more details on FERPA, currently enrolled students should consult the IJͼ Student Handbook (The Oracle) or the University's Office of Academic Records and University Registrar.

Questions about this privacy statement or practices of any IJͼ website should be directed to our .

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