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IJͼ brings arts and culture from around the world to campus, providing students and visitors opportunities to come together to observe, celebrate, dance, sing and learn while finding inspiration and enjoying different customs. Students have countless opportunities to participate in the arts through music, theatre, and dance. Additionally, we take TROY to the world as students travel abroad to explore different cultures and perform for audiences. 

TROY is Alabama's International University

Violata Pax Dove Art Installation

Daniel Foundation of Alabama Plaza

Located outside of the International Arts Center on the Troy Campus, the Daniel Foundation of Alabama Plaza features a broad, sweeping view of the Janice Hawkins Cultural Arts Park as well as internationally acclaimed artist Nall’s “Violata Pax” Dove.

IJͼ's Davis Theatre in Montgomery.

Davis Theatre

Located in downtown Montgomery, this historic theatre dates back to 1930. Beautifully restored, it now hosts amateur and professional musicals, dramatic productions, chamber music groups, symphony orchestras, dance groups, ballets and instrumental performances of all types. Moreover, the theatre is available to civic, cultural and educational institutions to merge these programs with other activities to expand and enrich the life of the community.

The Huo Bao Zhu Exhibition Space

Huo Bao Zhu Gallery

The Huo Bao Zhu Gallery, located in the International Arts Center on the Troy Campus, combines the sculpted works and donated Chinese artifacts from internationally acclaimed sculptor Huo Bao Zhu as well as traveling exhibits and student and faculty art showcases.

International Arts Center Entrance.

International Arts Center

A celebration of art, education and world cultures, the International Arts Center on the Troy Campus is the crowning jewel of the Janice Hawkins Cultural Arts Park. Complete with art galleries, an interactive terracotta warrior exhibit and graphic design classrooms, the Center is a valued addition to the TROY family.

The Amphitheater at Janice Hawkins Cultural Arts Park

Janice Hawkins Cultural Arts Park

From its serene grounds, complete with amphitheater, terracotta warrior exhibit and walking trail, to the dynamic galleries and learning spaces within its International Arts Center, TROY’s Janice Hawkins Cultural Arts Park is where “East Meets West” on the Troy Campus.

John Malloy Long Hall.

John M. Long School of Music

More than 250 undergraduate and graduate music majors and undergraduate music minors study here. Our faculty members are world-class teachers, scholars, conductors, composers, and performers. We prepare our music majors with educational experiences designed to train them for careers in music. IJͼ is a fully accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Music.

Nall Museum Exhibit.

Nall Museum

The Fred “Nall” Hollis Museum, located within the International Arts Center on the Troy Campus, is home to the works of internationally acclaimed artist and Troy, Alabama, native Nall. With works spanning from the 1960s to today, the museum features some of the artist’s most thought-provoking paintings, drawings and other works of art.

Sound of the South Majorette.

IJͼ’s renowned marching band entertains audiences during football games and unites the Trojan community as we demonstrate our deep pride and spirit. The more than 300 member group also performs at Alabama gubernatorial inauguration parades and has played at U.S. Presidential inauguration parades.

A Statue of Rosa Parks.

Rosa Parks Museum

Located in downtown Montgomery at the site where Mrs. Parks was arrested, IJͼ’s Rosa Parks Museum is an active memorial to the life of civil rights icon Rosa Parks and the lessons of the Montgomery Bus Boycott that brought racial integration to transportation and international attention to civil rights. As the nation’s only museum dedicated to Rosa Parks, our mission is to honor her legacy and that of the boycott by providing a platform for scholarly dialogue, civic engagement and positive social change.

Students Studying Abroad.

Study Abroad

Students and faculty increase their knowledge on an array of issues, advance their critical thinking, tolerance, and understanding of cultural diversity through study abroad programs. Studying abroad helps prepare students for work opportunities, job interviews and work performance as they gain awareness of multicultural settings and the constantly changing environments of a global society.

Terra Cotta Warriors.

Terracotta Warriors

An army of 200 terracotta warrior replicas stands proudly guarding the Janice Hawkins Cultural Arts Park on the Troy Campus. These warriors, created by internationally acclaimed sculptor Huo Bao Zhu, are replicas of China’s famous, unearthed Terracotta Army.

TROY Dance students posing.

Theatre and Dance

The Department of Theatre and Dance provides students with the opportunity to develop discipline through your study, discover and refine your artistry, strengthen a connection to humanity, and enlighten and entertain through outreach. We offer undergraduate degrees in theatre, dance and theatre education. Additionally, theatre and dance performances take place throughout the year to shine a spotlight on the talents of our artists.

Terra Cotta Warriors Exhibit.

Warriors Unearthed

Offering an interpretation of the history behind China’s famous terracotta warrior army, Warriors Unearthed leads explorers into an underground baulk complete with compelling videos, academic signage, interactive social media opportunities and an impressive diorama of the actual terracotta army dig site in China.


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